15th May

As I just mentioned on the ‘News’ page, we have had some very inclement weather recently.  Over the last few days, the babies have just not had the toys and playing times or opportunities they normally would have had in their play yard if the weather was nicer.

They do have the choice to leave their comfortable little house, but being sensible collie babies, they have decided rain and wet paws are not for them!

I like to offer new experiences each day, but this weather has delayed some of these.  This would have included morning walks in the big yards – which are now just big mud baths, playing with balls and pull toys – which is just about impossible to do in their puppy house.  However, today I gave them their ‘piano’.

It is always interesting to see which puppies gravitate to which type of toys.  I already have some who are much more interested in balls than others and there is  a different group who like paper things, e.g. paper cups, paper scrunched into balls and the inner cardboard tube of toilet paper and paper towels etc.

Yes – puppies are enormous time wasters, and can outdo Stephen Speilberg for entertainment – every time.

4th May

Babies are starting to need a lot more space for playing. While they come out of their whelping pen for a play on the kitchen floor, they have to be fully supervised as there are too many things and places where they can get into trouble.  However, we do have a dedicated outside puppy space with lots of room and toys for them to play with and learn new skills. They will be migrating to this area over the weekend.  This is the last video before they venture out into a new world (for them).

Both mums are starting to leave them for longer periods. Puppies now are developing little teeth and they are needle sharp. They like to test them out on everything including their mums. The look on both mums’ faces, and particularly Breezy’s,  at feed time tells me they are not really enjoying this anymore.  I now need to step up and help by feeding the puppies solid food more often. We are in the first stage of weaning.

30th April

From the weekend:  Saturday morning – breakfast can be a bit messy.

Sunday morning:  I wanted to see what their reaction was to something they had never heard before.  Who will run away? Who will stay and listen? Who will investigate?   All these reactions do not mean much at this age, and responses of each puppy can change from day to day even, but it is interesting, and it can tell you where the puppy is at that day.  So while they were sleeping, after breakfast, I set the octopus toy to play some music.  Rilla’s boy who was sleeping with the pack (for the first time – he usually takes himself to the opposite of the box to sleep alone) was quite excited by the music.


27th April

The following video was taken the morning the babies turned 3 weeks old.  They have just had their first grown-up breakfast and are getting ready for a nap. (Rilla’s baby is hanging out with this mob for breakfast and the occasional ‘playtime’).


16th April

Breezy’s puppies are two weeks old today.  This is a video from this morning.   (Guess what my first job is tonight? – cutting puppy toenails.  I didn’t realise just how long they were until I saw this video.  Oh my, poor mother dog! – Sorry Breezy).

and this is Rilla’s little boy with his Kookaburra.

Rilla and Hardy’s boy


I did try to give Rilla a couple of Breezy’s babies – thinking this would mean her baby had company and that it would help to bring her milk in.  I also thought it would help Breezy, as nine is a quite a lot of puppies to look after for a first time mum. It wasn’t the mothers that kicked up a stink.  It was the babies!  They screamed the house down and got everyone upset (including me).  They were not going to have Rilla as their mum!  So the status quo was restored and calm returned.  Babies Rule!




This is our current litter who are now leaving for their new homes.   They are the puppies of Champion Baqilodge Jewels and Gems and Herditall American Culture.