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  1. What a great site, very easy friendly to flip about and beautiful photos..thanks for sharing Mim xx

  2. I have never seen such a well laid out site. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every part of it. Just hope I’m lucky enough to get one of th next puppies. Deb.

  3. Great site. Loved seeing the beautiful collies. The Nursery section is gorgeous.

  4. Thank you Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my collies. We have some new babies, so over the coming weeks there will be new pics in the Nursery section.

    Kind regards


  5. Not taken me long to get to look at your new website LOL!
    Like everything you do Mim, your brillant design layout, eloquence with words, and information highway, makes the journey through your
    site a real adventure.

    As always, I’m in awe of your nursery/play pen: or as I call it…”Willy Wonker & the Pups Toy Factory!” Brilliant.

  6. I think this is a delightful and very informative website – plus showing beautiful dogs of course. Well done.

  7. Hi Mim,
    Hope you are well, it has been an extremely long time since we last connected. I wanted to let you know that Charlie (Baqilodge By My Side) is doing extremely well. We moved from Armidale and now in the Newcastle/Port Stephens area. Charlie is such a joy. He is as his name says, always by your side. Charlie has been there when times are sad and he lifts your spirits. I have recently broken my leg and he has not left my side. He even sneeks onto the bed and nudges me. Neighbours always ask about him cause he just never barks unless absolutely necessary. We all want to thankyou for allowing Charlie into our lives. Our children, Callam is now 21, Jemima is 11 and Charlie has been a constant in their lives. Thankyou from Sharon, Jesse, Callam, Jemima and all our friends and family x

  8. Hi there Mim,
    Love the website!

    Not sure if you remember Us….We bought the most beautiful addition to our family going on 3 years. We named her Luna, and she was transported to us as we are in Melbourne. We bought her specifically for our son Dante, 4th child in our family, and he has Cerebral Palsy. I have to tell you that through out our 3 years,

    I rang a dog trainer, to ask if he could come and train Luna, to help Dante get around….He asked, What is she doing now?
    And I told him….Well, Luna waits at the garage door for Dante to come home from school, and guides him walking on his left hand side so my son can balance on her, and together they walk independently to our stairs, and then I help him up the stairs….The dog trainer said to me….Your dog doesnt need training! I cant train dog to do that! WOW !!
    You Chose for my family and I thank you for that!
    We love her so much, and very keen in the next few months to get another…Thank you for changing our lives with our Luna Girl!
    Hugs Jacqui DiNatale (Melbourne) Werribee

  9. Wonderful site, very enjoyable and extremely informative.
    Leah Ryan recommended your site and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and seeing the videos of your Collies.

    As a Collie owner for some 30 years + I cannot get enough of these wonderful dogs of which I currently have 2 blue merles.

    Take care Mim and thanks again for a great Collie Website.

  10. Hello Mim,

    I wanted to let you know that Charlie passed yesterday morning. We were all with him and sadly said our goodbyes.
    We are devastated but ever so grateful to have had Charlie in our lives.
    Charlie has taught us so much and he showed us, our family and friends so much kindness.
    We want to personally thankyou as you had blessed us with a true gentleman.
    My daughter Jemima thanks you, she has recently being having terrible panic attacks and Charlie helped her thru those times.
    Callam feels blessed to have had such a true best friend.
    Charlie was definitely one to be By My Side.

    Forever grateful

    Sharon, Jesse, Callam and Jemima Hopgood ❤ 💙 and everyone who knew him

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