Two litters are expect at Easter time (2018)  – 9th April: Puppies have arrived – see below for further news.   Further updates over the following weeks will be on the Nursery page. 

Breeding 1 – Hardy and Rilla

This is a repeat mating.  Last time Rob (Pintado Collies) leased Rilla and from the resulting litter of 7 puppies,   Rob and I, between us, kept 3 delightful puppies who are now nearly 3 years old; Champion  Pintado Sea Warrior, Champion Pintado Soft Breeze and Pintado Pinafore – who is more than 1/2 way to her Championship.

We are excited to do this mating again.  This time it is under the Baqilodge prefix.  We expect both tricolour (like dad) and sable and white puppies (like mum).  They will all be rough coats.

Champion Corydon Winds of Victory UK Imp (Hardy)


Champion Baqilodge Finders Keepers (Rilla)

Pedigree for Hardy and Rilla babies

UPDATE: 9th April –  The vagaries of breeding – this time Rilla decided one baby was quite enough!  Arriving 4 days later than expected, he is a very big boy (16oz at birth). Rilla needed a cesarean to deliver him.  Both mum and baby are doing well.

Rilla and Hardy’s baby: Sable and White Male


Breeding 2 – Oskarbi and Breezy

This will be both Breezy and Oskarbi’s first puppies and we are looking forward to the litter with great anticipation:

Vedamea Ticket to Heaven (Oskarbi)

We are expecting both coat types (roughs and smooths) in 4 different colours: sable and white, tricolour, blue merle and sable merle.

UPDATE: 9th April  Very unexpectedly, Breezy, pipped Rilla at the post and delivered 9 healthy babies pretty much on schedule (evening of the 3rd April…)

1x sable and white – male (smooth)

2x tricolours – 1 male, 1 female

2x sable merles – 1 male, 1 female

4x blue merles – 3 males, 1 female

It will be a little longer before we know which coat type the puppies will be – i.e. roughs or smooths.

Mum and all babies are doing well.  The smallest was 6.5oz born and the largest 10oz.  The rest were between 8-9oz. A nice even litter! I’m sure mum is feeding them growth hormone as they are all gaining 1.5-2oz a day.

Champion Pintado Soft Breeze (Breezy)

Breezy’s 9 collie babies – just a few hours old

Pedigree for Breezy and Oskarbi puppies